Monday, July 29, 2013

Feed My Starving Guests

Previously, I told you that our venue had a strict catering list to stick to. Upon first review of said list, I immediately pointed out 2 caterers that could whip up a delicious meal to fit our Southern theme.

The first option was catering by a nationally-known chain that specializes in good BBQ. Quite FAMOUS. While I have eaten there many times and do enjoy their grub, I still felt it was a bit too casual for me. So it was on to option 2. And the clear winner.

The Lookout is a restaurant not far from where we live. I’d heard of it before, but had never eaten there. But based on their menu, BBQ was what they did. So we met with the catering manager, felt good about what they could offer (and their prices!) and scheduled a tasting. Bad blogger, I have NO pictures from this. Just imagine the tastiest BBQ you've ever had... ok? That's what this looked like!

Holy buckets. What an experience. So. Much. Food. Chef Mike was ours for the afternoon, going over every detail of our planned tasting. And Connie, who will be our site coordinator on the day, was there to answer all bajillion of my questions.

We are going with the option called the Midwest BBQ. Essentially, it’s buffet-style BBQ picnic. We picked 3 options for guests – the Lookout’s Seasoned Grilled Chicken, Pulled Beef, and hot dogs/brats. LOTS of BBQ sauce. Then along with the package we are getting sautĂ©ed green beans with almonds, cornbread muffins, the Lookout’s Home-style Potato salad, coleslaw, and fruit. Yowza.

For cocktail hour, we decided to have just some bites for folks. Fruit tray, veggie and dip tray, and chips and Mexican dip trays. And any leftovers will just go right to dinner!

As for da booze, if you can remember here, we cannot serve hard alcohol, just beer and wine. That said, we decided to stick with The Lookout on providing the alcohol. My gracious FFIL and FsMIL have offered to foot the bar bill. Jon will be in charge of picking out the beer, which could potentially be a stressful decision for him, Mr. Beer Snob. We will have to have at least 4 kegs (we like to party, what can I say?). Two standard light beers, one sort of crafty beer and one craft beer of his choosing. As for the wine, that was an easy choice for me, I went with my two favorites: pinot noir for the red and pinot grigiot for the white (NO white zin for this girl- BLECK). Standard champ for the toasts.

The food was so delicious, and I couldn’t be happier with The Lookout. Everyone who knows The Lookout has just raved about their food and atmosphere! I hope to bring the same feel to our wedding day!

I may need a bridal bib, however. I’ma get all up in that BBQ sauce.
That's what I'm talkin bout.

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