Thursday, July 18, 2013

Old McDonald Had a Farm...

... and we're gonna get married at it!
I have a confession to make guys. I’m a one hitter-quitter. Case in point: I only looked at one venue in person. SPOILER ALERT: this is a trend in just about all the planning to follow... 

So starting with the venue.  

What is more southern than having a wedding in a barn? Not much! How many barns are there in the metro area that holds roughly 200 people available for rent that aren’t a bazillion dollars? NOT MANY. Like 2, in fact.  

My mom actually first introduced me to our venue after her first round of searching. I remember briefly looking into it, bookmarking the site, and after about 2 more hours of coming up with nothing, going back to the original site.  

May I present to you, Gale Woods Farm.

Personal photo looking at the back of the barn

Personal photo looking at the barn from a distance. Le sigh, how lovely.

Personal photo of the ceremony space overlooking Whaletale Lake.
GWF is actually part of the Three Rivers Park District in Minnesota, a chain of parks and recreation centers around the metro area.
Where our actual wedding is held is at the pavilion, which USED to be a farm. However, the actual farm is just down the road a bit. So surrounding the pavilion are cows, sheep, and chickens. My last visit there in September, we got to see the BIG sheepdog that hangs out to protect the sheep from wolves. And there’ll even be barn kitties that hang around!
Our ceremony will be held outside (weather permitting) in a scenic part of the farm overlooking Whaletale Lake.
Cocktail hour will be held outside the pavilion (again, weather permitting) where there will be drinks, lawn games, and good times. You best believe I'll be burying some bourbon to keep the rain at bay... more on that later. :D
Dinner and dancing will follow inside the pavilion, where rain or shine, we will be doin the hoe-down show-down and kickin’ up our boots all night!
BOOM. What I LOVE about GWF is that it all takes place in one location. No driving around between the ceremony and reception, just more time to spend getting down on da dance floor!!
Just 2 weeks after getting engaged, my mom, dad and I ventured out to GWF to check it out in person during an open house. Jon had to work that day but gave his blessing to move full steam ahead and just catch up with him after.
Me and my daddy standing right where I'll say my vows! (personal photo)
I LOVED IT. The open space, the ability to transform the inside however we want, the general rustic feel it has, and of course, the price tag. It came in well under budget! HOT DAMN!
I took some pictures, showed Jon when I got home and raved about it, and he told me if I loved it to book it. So I did. The very next day.
Anyone else only look at ONE venue before deciding it was the one?

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