Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Guessing Game

On Christmas Eve of 2011, we snuggled on the couch after a fabulous pot roast dinner, drank red wine and watched Love Actually. I knew we were opening presents the next morning, and although there was a larger gift for me, I couldn’t help but wonder, is there more? Perhaps something small and sparkly? We had been talking about marriage for some time now, and I was starting to get a bit antsy. Not pushy at all, but curious.  

I already knew Jon did not to ring shop together; he wanted to pick one out on his own time and surprise me with it. He did not want me to know when he would propose. He didn’t want ANYONE else to know and ruin the surprise.  

Well Christmas morning came, and I squealed with delight as I opened a new Nook reading tablet, something he had thought of completely on his own! There was also a t-shirt and some other little things, but nothing of the sort that is worn on the left hand. I was not disappointed, I simply figured it was still too soon, give it some time. He must have sensed what I was looking for, and over my breakfast quiche he made some comment about how 2012 is going to be an exciting year with “big” events. Say what?? I resolved from there out not to make any more assumptions or guesses as to when a proposal was coming, I wanted to be surprised all on my own.  

January 6, 2012 came, and we celebrated our first anniversary. We went out to Red Lobster (classy right?) and then rented a movie from Redbox. Again, a brief moment washed over me where I thought a proposal could be coming up, but I was wrong, and quickly dismissed the idea and moved on.
A couple weekends later, Jon went on an overnight trip with the boys for a hockey game. While he was out, Melodie and I thought it would be fun to pop into a jeweler and just try rings on for funsies, just to see what I liked. We giggled over the bling and of the thought of me getting married. I immediately found myself drawn to traditional solitaire rings. But I kept the ring shopping trip a secret and went about my way.

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