Thursday, July 18, 2013

I Believe in a Thing Called Love

Jon and I started a true relationship in full force. It would be the trend of every event to follow.  

Things just fell into place with Jon. I felt so comfortable with him, everything just made sense. While I had a laundry list of failed relationships in the past, this was something new to Jon. He only had one “relationship” in his past which lasted only a few months. So I figured I’d be the one showing him the ropes of couple-dom. Boy was I wrong.  

Jon taught me something in our relationship. You do or don’t. Don’t overthink it, don’t complicate it, don’t try and change the natural course. I spent YEARS trying to pick through every minuscule detail of why I had so many failed relationships, and with Jon, it was like a giant light bulb went on. I saw the light. He was everything I never had before. It was a breath of fresh air.  

March is when I knew I was in love with Jon. There was a Sunday evening where I was laying on the couch with him, wrapped up in his arms, watching Forest Gump, and I knew that me and Jon, we were like peas and carrots. I felt the urge to tell him “I love you” bubble up so many times, but I held back, figuring it was too soon.  

April 1st, my best friend Melodie, Katie, Jon and I were at Stella’s in South Minneapolis, the favorite hangout spot of Mel and me, having drinks. Us girls had been bar hopping all day. Jon had come to pick us up and join us for a drink. At some point, Katie and Mel decided to go do a lap around the bar, leaving Jon and I at our table, deep in conversation. I don’t remember exactly what we were talking about, I believe it was about Bella actually, when Jon just looked me in the eyes and said, “I love you.” I quickly blurted back that I loved him too, that I was just scared to tell him in fear that it was too early. He agreed. So there it was. Romantic right? In a bar, after drinking, on April fools day. I hoped he wasn’t fooling.  

Thankfully he wasn’t. In the morning, in sunlight and sober-ness, he told me he loved me again.

 To this day, we say “I love you” multiple, multiple times a day. I think it’s the one phrase that can never be over-used in a relationship.

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