Thursday, July 18, 2013

How We Came to Be

After a brutal and unnecessary break up in August of 2010, I sat meddling over my life problems with a dear friend of mine, Katie. I sat hating on men and swearing off relationships forever, she thought about her boyfriend Ben's friend, Jon. He too was single and not in a place to be in a relationship. She said he could be my "Band-Aid" and someone to just have fun with. Katie and Ben had just bought a house together and were throwing a housewarming party in a few weeks, I could meet Jon there. I didn't think much of it.

When it came time for the housewarming party, I was geared up to meet this Jon fellow. I was excited to just be young and single and meet new people. Upon arrival, Katie pointed him out immediately. This cute guy with blonde hair and gorgeous blue eyes. He had a green baseball cap on and was drinking Miller High Life. I could get down with that. Unfortunately, it seemed as though he wasn't as interested in me. Jon made no effort to introduce himself or say hello.

Finally, three beers deep, I waltzed right over, stuck out my hand, and introduced myself. Hell, I had nothing to lose. He told me his name, we made VERY small talk, and that was it. Well I tried. So I left the party with no intentions of ever hearing from him again.

That night I had a Facebook friend request from none other than Mr. Jon. I accepted, found no skeletons in his Facebook profile, and went to bed.

I thought nothing of Jon over the next few months and went about life normally. Katie and Ben hosted a Christmas party in December and I attended, looking to have a good time with friends. MOMENTS after walking through the front door came Jon, walking up and saying "Hey, hi how've you been?" What?! This guy who had made NO effort to communicate with me over the last 3 months now wanted to be friends? Odd.

That evening Jon and I talked a lot. Most of that talking came from the liquid courage I was consuming that will forever be known as Christmas Drank, a lethal combination of hot apple cider and cinnamon schnapps. We talked. We flirted. The evening turned to night, and night turned to morning.

While we had every intentions of staying "just friends," something changed and our hang-outs turned into dates and friendship turned into a relationship. And the rest they say, is history.

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